• the shopping list with radar

Shopsync lets you build the perfect shopping list and helps you find what you need at your favorite stores.

Create a list

    Just start typing and Shopsync will "auto-complete" for you. Easily remove and re-add items.

Get reminders

    Shopsync alerts you when you're at a store that sells the items on your shopping list.

Share the list

    Build the list with your family so you'll always have the right item. No more repeat trips.

Product search

View matching products for each of the items on your shopping list. With over 100,000 products, Shopsync makes it easy to find your favorite brands and to discover new products.

Browse through products and plan your shopping trip before you go to the store. Use Shopsync to make sure you always come home with the correct item.

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Nearby stores

View your favorite nearby stores with the tap of a single button. Shopsync will show you which items on your list are available at each store. You can organize your shopping trips to help save time and money.

Quickly find store hours, phone number and driving directions. Shopping has never been so efficient.


How many times have you come home from the store only to realize you forgot to buy something? Shopsync can alert you when you're at a store that sells the items on your shopping list. No more driving back and forth.

Do you only buy certain items at certain stores? You can customize your alerts and even add your favorite local stores.

Oh yeah, did we mention it's free?